Registration for Kansas republican voters closes soon

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The field of potential presidential candidates is getting smaller.

On Monday, Democrat Martin O’Malley and Republican Mike Huckabee both announced the suspension of their campaigns for president. Both were sitting low in the poles.

On March 5, Kansans will be doing what Iowans did Monday night – vote for the first time in the 2016 election cycle.

“Actually, the Kansas caucuses will be very similar to the Iowa caucuses,” said KSNT political analyst Bob Beatty.

However, there are a few differences.

In Iowa, according to Beatty, both parties can register voters the day of the caucus. But that’s not the case in Kansas.

If Republican voters want to actively participate in the caucus, they must register by Feb. 5.

Democrats can register on March 5 and cast a vote.

Republicans in Shawnee County will cast secret ballots at the Ramada Inn on S.E. 6th Street. But Democrats are assigned different precincts depending on state congressional district.

In Shawnee County, there are three places for the Democratic caucus: Topeka West High School, Highland Park High School and Landon Middle School.

The Democrats need more space because of how the party here in Kansas casts votes.

“It’s an open vote,” Beatty said. “You’re sitting with other people. I mean, everybody knows who you’re voting for.”

The state caucus falls four days after Super Tuesday and with 15 primary stops between now and then, 11 of those stops on Super Tuesday alone, why does the Kansas caucus matter?

“The way it’s looking right now, it could still be a very contested, very tight, contested race by that point,” said Kerry Gooch, the executive director for the Kansas Democratic Party.



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