Multi-billion-dollar Syria aid appeals routinely underfunded

In this Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, file photo, Syrian refugee children walk in mud from the heavy rain at a refugee camp in the town of Hosh Hareem, in the Bekaa valley, east Lebanon. International aid to the victims of Syria's five-year-old war, including millions forced to flee their homes, has persistently fallen short, but organizers of the Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016, annual Syria pledging conference hope for greater donor generosity this time around, despite a record ask of close to $9 billion for 2016. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar, File)

A look at growing gaps in aid for Syria, with needs rising faster than contributions by donors. U.N. figures show that the five-year-old war has so far displaced more than 11 million Syrians and that multi-billion-dollar aid appeals have routinely been underfunded.


2013 — total appeal $4.391 billion, 70 percent funded

2014 — total appeal $5.996 billion, 56 percent funded

2015 — total appeal $7.213 billion, 52 percent funded

2016 — total appeal $8.96 billion


— About 6.5 million Syrians are internally displaced inside their homeland

— Close to 4.6 million Syrians have been registered as refugees in regional host countries, mainly Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

— Since 2011, 50 Syrian families have been displaced every hour of every day.

— More than 440,000 Syrians arrived in Europe by sea in 2015


— about 13.5 million Syrians, including 6 million children, require humanitarian aid

— 70 percent of the population is without regular access to safe drinking water

— more than 2 million children are out of school


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