Make your taste buds dance while watching Sunday’s football game

177 million people are expected to tune in to watch America’s favorite sport this Sunday! And when watching football, food and drinks are a must!

120 million pounds of avocado are consumed during the game. That’s more than 300,000 offensive lineman, who weight more than 300 pounds, all on top of each other!

Now other than the easy mix of an avocado and can of salsa, here is one more way to spice up your football snacking and it’s under 10-bucks!

Avocado Salsa Recipe:
1 Avocado
1 Can of corn and 1 can of black beans
Grape tomatoes
Cut them up into small cubes, mix it together, add a dash of salt and lime. Now you’ve got yourself a great salsa mix!

1.25 billion chicken wings are ate during the game. That’s enough to give every single person in the United States about 3 wings!

If you don’t plan on going to buffalo or buying getting pre-made wings, here is a crazy full flavor you can try and make at home!
Bacon-taco Chicken Wings:
Chicken wings
Taco seasoning
Rub the chicken wings with taco seasoning and wrap a strip of bacon around. Then throw it in the oven!

4 million pizza are ate during this game as well! That’s more than 900 Leaning Towers of Pisa.

Now other than the choice of buying a frozen pizza or waiting hours to get a delivery. Here’s a quick and easy way to make home made pizza and its all for under $10!
Homemade Pizza:

Pillsbury dough
Marinara sauce
Mozzarella cheese

Put it all together and you’ve got yourself a nice, quick, homemade pizza!
Lastly, 325.-5 million gallons of beer is drank! To break that down every second 750,000 gallons flow over the Niagara falls. That means beer would flow for just over 7 minutes! That’s a lot of beer!

If you want to mix up your beer or make a fun drink for the day, here is a simple mix!

Any beer you want

Pineapple Juice

Sprite or Sierra Mist

Mix together for a nice Beer Punch!

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