Sister of car chase victim speaks out

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Mia Holden, who was a single mother of six from Pennsylvania, died in yesterday’s car chase. Her family in Pennsylvania received the news early yesterday morning. She moved to Topeka in August 2012 to live a better life, according to her sister Stacy Tyler.

“She wanted somewhere different,” she said. “Where she didn’t know nobody and start all over.”

According to Tyler, it wasn’t long after Holden’s move when she was struck with ovarian cancer.

The morning of the crash, driving her was Benjamin Falley who was a friend of Holdon’s.

The last message Tyler received from her sister was that she was on the way to the hospital. After unresponsive texts and calls, she knew that something was wrong.

“She hadn’t called and wasn’t really talking. My mind was like “what’s going on?”

Tyler first received news from her cousin.

“I keep calling her cell phone. Thinking it’s all a dream.”

According to Tyler, most of Holden’s children live in Topeka. Funeral arrangements are still pending for her sister.

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