Family looks for cure for daughter’s rare cancer

(Photo Courtesy of Monhollon Family)

SILVER LAKE (KSNT) – Parker Monhollon, a Silver Lake girl who was diagnosed with a rare cancer called DIPG, is looking to spread awareness of her illness. DIPG is a brain tumor that’s found at the base of the brain and interferes with breathing, heart rate, and nerves in muscles that control other functions of the body.

According to Boston Children’s Hospital, 300 children are diagnosed every year, but Amanda Monhollon says that she believes there are more than that.

“I believe that this is a lot more common than what people are giving it credit for,” she says. “What I think is uncommon is that there isn’t anything for these kids.”

Since Parker’s story, multiple people who’ve been effected by DIPG have reached out to the Monhollons, sharing similar stories. They are now fighting for a cure.

“The next step is trying to figure out what is going to work to get rid of these mutations.”

Donations for Parker can be found here.

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