SilverSparkle Project is making sure every girl is ready for prom

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Prom season is still a few months away but one organization is already working hard to make sure girls feel beautiful on their special night.

“For a lot of young women the price of prom is an obstacle. Between the tickets and the flowers and the prep and then you get to the dress…it’s stressful,” says Jesyca Hope, the chair of SilverSparkle Project.

Which is where SilverSparkle, an initiative of the Silverbacks comes in. They help young girls who can’t afford a gown for a formal or prom.

“We want to make that’s possible and we want to make that a joyful time. And that’s what providing a free prom dress does,” says Hope.

They provide hundreds of donated dresses in all different colors, cuts and styles. Not only do they provide dresses but they also help with resources beyond the dress and accessories. From finding food sources, to counseling, finical literacy training, you name it.

“And at the end of the day, they walk away I think with not just a dress but really the sense of their own beauty,” says Hope.

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