Fort Riley troops return home after deployment in Kuwait

FORT RILEY (KSNT) – 66 soldiers of the First Sustainment Brigade received a warm welcome from their loved ones at Fort Riley today after deployment in Kuwait.

“It’s been nine long months,” says Sheena Ferrell, as she anxiously awaits her husband’s return. “He probably wants Mexican food because that’s been what he’s craving.”

While deployed, the brigade’s soldiers were responsible for planning, oversight and resources for troops in five countries and 13 different locations.”

The brigade supported Operation Inherent Resolve and provided sustainment support to U.S. Central Command across the area.

Major General Wayne W. Grigsby, Jr. gave the final remarks for today’s ceremony.

“We cannot be more proud of you,” he said. “You done your job as the only sustainment brigade deployed in Kuwait in the Middle East.”

The rest of the 200 brigade soldiers are still stationed in Kuwait and are scheduled to return by the end of March.

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