Kansas political parties court young voters

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Super Tuesday is over and presidential candidates have turned their sights to states with upcoming primaries and caucuses, like Kansas.

“I think a lot of people see it as very important because you take the momentum into states where it’s winner take all,” said Harrison Hems, chair of the Kansas Young Republicans.

Both Republicans and Democrats in the state are expecting a strong turnout on Saturday but both parties set their sights on the younger voting demographic.

“We’ve focused a lot of our digital advertising heavy in the college areas,” said Kerry Gooch, president of the Kansas Democrats. “So I think we will have a great showing of young people in our caucus locations.”

Hems said Republicans have been using a “grassroots kind of effort,” to get voters to the polls.

It is too late to register to participate in the Republican action on Saturday, that window closed at the beginning of February. However, Democrats are registering voters from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday at all caucus locations. Voters who register that day can still participate in the caucus.

Gooch said college students in places like Manhattan and Lawrence can use their college addresses to register to vote and party volunteers will be on hand to help register.

“Traditionally, primary young voters is very small as it is in the general,” Hems said about turnout. However, Gooch said state democrats see something different.

“We know caucuses are something young people are really drawn to and we’re hoping we have a humongous turnout with young people,” he said.


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