Reality U$, teaching students how far the dollar truly goes

Today students at Topeka West high school will be getting a special lesson on finances and where they could be in ten years. It even factors in the grades students are getting and the activities they’re doing right now, through a program called Reality U$. Reality U$ is an exercise that helps students understand some of the “realities” involved when preparing for the future. The way it works, each student is given a job based on their educational plans after high school, their current GPA and what  career path they want to take. They then fill out a Lifestyle Survey with details about where they see themselves at the age of 26 and may even be thrown curve balls like health complications.
“Kind of a month in the life spending their income on health insurance or child care, housing, communications, even some of the fun things and even some of the things that are unforeseen,” says Anna Barger, with Communities In Schools. “It’s just important to see how they choices that you make right now, such as staying in school, getting good grades, they really can have an affect on your life later on.”
Reality U$ will be at Topeka West March 2nd and 3rd and at Highland Park high school March 9th and 10th. If you want to learn more about Reality U$ for your child or yourself, click here.

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