Kansas Republican caucus has ‘incredible’ turnout

TOPEKA (KSNT) — According to a release from the Kansas Republican Party, caucus turnout was healthy around Kansas.

Party Chair Kelly Arnold said, “Republican turnout across the state has been incredible. Reports from dozens of county locations indicate that turnout is often four or five times that of 2012 and growing.”

“Having Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump all appear in Kansas in the lead-up to the Caucus served to drive turnout up far beyond even our highest estimates of even a week ago,” Arnold said.

Every county had alternative plans in case turnout exceeded capacity and Arnold said that “almost every county” had to implement those plans.

He emphasized that volunteers are working to get voters through and get the votes accurately counted.”Shawnee, Sedgwick and Johnson counties have seen extremely long lines and voters are being processed as rapidly as possible,” Arnold said. “We are shifting resources to assist those locations.”

He said that due to the turnout, they cannot predict when they will have the final vote count today.

KSNT’s Harrison Drake was at the Republican caucus location in Topeka earlier today. This was the scene there:

A line was wrapped around the Ramada Inn this morning in downtown Topeka for the Kansas Republican Caucus.

“It’s exceeding my expectations,” says Shawnee County GOP Board Member Janet Mitchell. “Last caucus we had 900 voters. I’m expecting maybe double or triple that.”

Anyone who arrived at 10:00 p.m. this morning had the opportunity to hear speakers from the representatives, but both Governor John Kasich and Donald Trump’s original speakers were absent, leaving Janet Mitchell to read a message from the billionaire.

Nonetheless, voters still made their way to the drop box.

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