Friends speak out after deadly shooting

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Friends and neighbors of Randall J. Selsor are dealing with his death.

On Monday, Selsor, 45, was shot and killed by a member of a U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force. The task force was in the 500 block of S.W. Taylor to serve Selsor with two arrest warrants.

“I look at Randy like a brother to me,” said one of Selsor’s roommates. People who knew Selsor spoke with KSNT News on the condition of anonymity.

Ron Miller, the U.S. Marshal for the Kansas District, said the warrants stem of incidents in 2009.

One warrant was for an attempted violation of the Offender Registration Act. The other, was for an attempted aggravated sexual battery. Because Selsor was shot by a member of the U.S. Marshal service, Miller asked the Topeka Police Department conduct the investigation.

On Tuesday, Topeka Police Capt. Ash Kaboudan, said the task force had consent from a resident in the house search for Selsor. What happened between the task force entering the home and the shooting is still under investigation.

“They came and assassinated him,” Selsor’s roommate said Monday moments after the shooting.

“That’s not true. There is no way that’s true and I don’t have a problem telling you that there was an interview conducted with the resident of the house,” Miller said. “They didn’t come in a hurry and they didn’t rush in the house. They were slow and methodical,” he said of his team.

The task force comprised of two member of the marshals service, two deputies from the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department and one officer from the Topeka Police Department.

Miller said these types of incidents during warrant service are not typical.

“Very few. Very few,” he said about the number of times a fatal shooting has occurred during a warrant service. “Occasionally it happens. It does not happen on a regular basis in Kansas.”



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