911 calls released from Hesston shooting

HESSTON (KSNT) – Officials have released audio to the 911 calls from the events in last month’s mass shooting at a Kansas lawn equipment factory. Four people, including Cedric Ford, were killed and 14 others were injured.

The Harvey County Sheriff’s Office released the audio files Thursday from the shooting at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas which occurred on February 25.

About 300 people were working second shift at the Hesston plant when Ford — apparently upset about a former girlfriend’s protection from abuse order that had been served hours earlier — barged in armed with an assault-type rifle and a pistol and opened fire.

Four people, including Ford, were killed and 14 others were injured.

*WARNING: Some of the audio may be emotionally difficult to listen to.*
Some audio recordings will have long pauses between calls. The KSNT News app will not show or play the audio recordings. Open this link to listen to the recordings on our website in your browser: http://wp.me/p4yR7n-Lmb



02/25/16 Active Shooter Timeline

1533 PFA served on subject at Excel

1657 Subject wounded at NW 12th and N Meridian

1659 Subject wounded at N Meridian and Hesston Rd

1703 Begin receiving calls of shots fired at Excel (approx 30 calls received through 1715)

1704 Chief Schroeder on scene (20 seconds after first call went out)

1706 Chief Schroeder and arriving deputies taking fire from building

1707 Suspect seen in lobby

1708 565 requests Hesston EMS be started for multiple victims; paged to stand off until law enforcement advises it is safe

1709 Suspect down in lobby

1709 Hesston Command requests Newton EMS assistance; up to 5 victims

1711 Paged Level 2 Disaster EMS repsonse, possibly a dozen victims, LifeTeam and EagleMed helicopters disaptched

1716 Law Enforcement sending all victims to RIdge and Old 81 Hwy for EMS

1720 EMS Units released to move in, Newton and Hesston units go on scene.

1748 Last patients transported by ground 1814 Last Patient transported (Helicopter)

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