Warm work week weather, storms set to spoil weekend plans

We’re tracking some fantastic weather as we close out the work and school week. Today and Friday will be nearly carbon copies of each other. Expect high temperatures flirting with 70° under mostly sunny skies. During this stretch, winds will be light out of the north/east. However, we’re BIG changes over the weekend.

The timing is not ideal for showers and storms on Saturday/Sunday. There’s a lot going on across Northeast Kansas, as St. Patrick’s Day gets closer. But, we have had a crazy stretch of nearly flawless weekend weather since the beginning of this year. We’re definitely due for a hiccup or two. Gulf Coast moisture will return to our neck of the woods as EARLY as Friday night. The earlier the rain arrives, the better chance that Topeka’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade (this Saturday at noon) has at being dry. Chalk up Saturday as ‘gloomy’ with countless passing showers/storms. However, (at least as of now) the heaviest rain should roll through sometime during Saturday’s pre-dawn hours. We’ll be left with remnant rains through the day on Saturday. Bring the umbrellas and ponchos to your yearly parade spot, just in case. There’s still some uncertainty with this weekend’s weather-maker, though; the timing is not set in stone. We’ll continue to fine tune the forecast as the weekend nears.

Sunday should see the better chance at heavier widespread rain. Locally heavy rainfall totals are expected with some stronger storms passing through (from south to north). However, severe weather is NOT expected. Despite the cloud cover and rain chances, highs will be in the humid lower 70s. It will feel and SMELL like spring outside, later this weekend. We completely dry things out and clear things out early next week. In fact, Monday might stand as our warmest day of the year…so far. We’re tracking highs around 80° by then with a lot more sunshine on the way for Tuesday, too. Temperatures will dip back into the 50s and 60s by the middle of next week, as we track another potential rain-maker. Stay tuned.

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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