Daylight saving: Should it stay or should it go?

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Love it or hate it, Kansans will have to be setting their clocks forward one hour this Sunday for daylight saving time. But one Kansas lawmaker is proposing we get rid of it altogether.

Under a new bill being pushed by Kansas Senator Ty Masterson, Kansas would stop observing daylight saving time.

He says that there is little evidence that moving your clock forward an hour each spring saves energy or increases your productivity.

He also says that it interrupts people’s sleep cycles and could cause health problems.

He was the only person to testify in Thursday’s hearing which is considering the bill and the panel doesn’t plan to take it up just yet.

In our poll, many of you believe that Kansas should stop observing daylight saving after this year.

“Lots of us got use to it, a lot of us aren’t happy with it,” says Topeka resident Patsy Bishop. “Look at the children who have to get up and go to school. Because they need the sleep. They have their patterns.”

Other people we spoke to said they were excited for the change.

“Can’t get here soon enough for me,” says Topeka resident Bob Harrison. “I think it’s great. It gives me more daylight to workout in the yard.”

You can express your opinion in our poll.

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