Education advocates walk to Topeka to support public schools

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The sun was shining in Kansas Friday, but that’s not why several groups of Kansans were out on a walk.

“I was frustrated because there isn’t an outlet to really hold people accountable and show just how bad it can be and really is,” said Aaron Estabrook, one of the walkers.

Estabrook and others are walking from Manhattan, Emporia and Kansas City to show support for public schools.

They’re participating in a walk the organization ‘Game On’ has held four years now.

“I’ve had three daughters go through the public school system here, I’m a product of the public schools in Kansas and I just believe in public education,” said walker David Colburn.

“Very discouraged with how things are going at the Capitol,” said teacher Jeremy Gibson.

They’re frustrated by bills to repeal common core, realign school districts and overhaul school funding, “The list goes on. It’s just daily that you see some new attack on public schools,” said Colburn.

“We cut a million dollars last year from our school district. I think most of those cuts were unnecessary. Those were decisions, poor decision, bad fiscal management from the people in Topeka,” said Estabrook.

That’s why they walk. Each group will walk 60 miles over the course of the weekend to end up at the Statehouse on Monday with a message for lawmakers.

“You know coming from all sides, there’s really people who are upset that want change and demand higher quality of legislation and presentation from the Legislature,” said Estabrook.

However Lawmakers aren’t the only ones they want to send a message to.

“I hope when people vote in November they will remember this and remember the things that are being done for public schools,” said Colburn.

As they trek along Highway 24 this weekend, that’s what will stay on their minds.

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