ATV Park in Oakland to close for three months

TOPEKA (KSNT) — On April 4, the Riverside ATV Park in Topeka’s Oakland neighborhood will be closed for at least three months so that a contractor can work on Topeka’s Oakland Levee.

Omaha-based BayShore Contractors will begin work April 11 and will continue at least through July. The ATV park will be closed temporarily during construction for safety reasons.

The ATV park is located in the area where the construction company needs to borrow dirt for the project. The area being borrowed from was selected because of the type of dirt needed, the type of dirt available and its proximity to the project site. Also, the area public property, so it mitigates damage to private property owners while not requiring the use of public roads, which avoids damaging infrastructure.

This project is part of the $29 million levee rehabilitation project between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Topeka. This aspect of the project was bid for $844,000 and includes installation of new stability berms, adjustments to drainage structures and anchoring of the Oakland Pump Station. The USACE received five bids on the project.

Please contact Project Engineer Kelly Ryan at 785-368-3980 for questions. For the status of reopening the Riverside Park, please visit the Shawnee County Parks and Recreation website:

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