The cost of modernizing the Kansas Turnpike

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Kansas Turnpike Authority is paving the way to modernize the turnpike for drivers but the tech comes at a cost.

“Gateless tolling” is a system that automatically bills motorists who pass through toll booths without paying either by cash, card or K-Tag.

“As far as we have been able to find, Kansas is the absolute last place to use a completely gated system,” says Rachel Bell of the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

In an attempt to help Kansas catch up with systems in other states, the turnpike would reduce the number of ticket booths.

Cash tolls will increase 10 percent starting May 1. But K-Tag drivers will get a discount. That could depend on how many people who don’t pay their tolls.

“Right now we don’t have very much money that we don’t collect. We are hoping to keep it that way because we believe that is the best road for everybody.”

“Gateless tolling” will be installed at toll plazas near Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita.

The total project will cost an estimated $49 million.

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