Tulip Time springs up early

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Monday starts the annual Tulip Time, a couple weeks ahead of schedule. The Tulip Time Festival was just recently named one of “America’s Top 100 Events” and it’s something that nature-lovers look forward to every year.

“The beauty of tulips and such is just the fact that we’re tired of winter and we want to see a little sun,” says gardener Gerald Binkley. “It’s something other than ‘drab’. I think that’s a lot of the magic of it.”

Binkley has contributed to the festival in previous years and says that an early blooming season is normal, and isn’t surprising with this year’s weather.

“I don’t think the ground froze more than an inch or so and so consequently they didn’t freeze hard and came up early.”

Over 100,000 tulips were planted in multiple parks across the city. Gage Park, Ward-Meade Botanical Garden and Old Prairie Town will have plenty of tulips to show off.

Preparation for this event started November last year. And last year, visitors from 26 states and six countries visited the tulip gardens around the city.

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