We’ve Got Your Back: Topeka citywide sales tax help repair deteriorating streets

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Topeka City Council is getting ready to discuss the city’s Capital Improvement Plan for the next 3 years.

A big project on that agenda is to continue fixing city streets.

Courtesy: Jamie Lynn Kuykendall
Courtesy: Jamie Lynn Kuykendall Pothole on Southwest Clay St. between 6th St. and 9th St.

Repairing roughly 28 miles worth of neighborhood streets and main roads. Spending close to $35-million on road repair alone.

“It is hard to prioritize when things are neglected as they have been,” said Topeka City Councilwomen Karen Hiller.

Hiller reminded the council of Topeka’s deteriorating streets at last week’s council meeting.

A key funding source for those projects is the citywide half cent sales tax Topeka voters approved during an election year several years ago.

The city began levying the tax in October 2009. It expires October 2019.

“If they are not getting done within the half-cent sales tax because we are running out of time and money then where are they? Hiller questions.

Nearly 40 city streets have been competed or partially repaired, but what about the others that are in desperate need of repair?

“As a city grows and evolves over time you may have more development in one area that puts additional transportation load on a street so you may need to shift priorities,” said Jason Peek, Director of Public Works.

The council, including the mayor are expected to discuss the Capital Improvement Budget and Capital Improvement Plan again in two weeks.

For more information on the citywide half cent sales tax click here or follow this link

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