Customer reports finding roach in Sonic chili dog

HOLTON (KSNT) – A photo of a cockroach in a chili dog at a northeast Kansas Sonic has been shared several times on social media and is catching a lot of attention.

Keli Hoskins who posted the photo on Facebook Tuesday says she was the one who went to the Sonic in Holton on Tuesday to pick up lunch for the employees at Complete Car Care. When Hoskins returned to work she found a cockroach in her sandwich.

“I was eating it and took a bite, noticed something in the chili, moved it around… and there it was,” Hoskins tells KSNT News. “I told the guys to stop eating, I spit out my food in the trash can, and I went around back and I puked.”

Hoskins says she went to the restaurant to report the problem. She was given a refund but is upset the establishment was still serving food.

“It’s a problem. I mean, the lady with the kids in the car right next to me, while I’m talking about this outside, carhops are still coming out. You know those kids are going to eat that food. That lady doesn’t know any better,” said Hoskins.

Shannon Smith, the director of operations for Sonic in the region is at the Holton Sonic Wednesday. He says the health department inspected the store on February 18, 2016 and says they passed their inspection.

KSNT News found the results of the inspection from the Kansas Department of Agriculture that shows five violations including the discovery of two dead insects on the floor.

Smith said they are taking precautionary measures including extra spraying at the store.

Smith tells KSNT News he is aware that the customers got the sandwiches at the Holton store and took them off site and came back later to complain and were given a refund.

Sonic released the following statement to KSNT News Wednesday morning:

The operator of the Holton location has increased pest control measures and the drive- remains vigilant in ensuring any issues are taken care of immediately. The drive-in has a positive relationship with the health Department, and has passed the last three health inspections. Health Inspectors arrived at the drive-in today and the drive-in passed.

While this drive-in has had no significant health inspection violations in the past, the owner takes food safety very seriously and all food safety issues are acted upon immediately. We appreciate the trust and confidence our customers place in SONIC every day to serve them delicious and safe food. We take pride in being a good community partner and are proud of the service our employees provide to customers every day in Holton and communities across the country.

That may not be enough to get Hoskins and her co-workers to return.

“They need to take care of this. If they were to shut down for two days and just gut it out, clean it out, I mean the whole thing. Clean it up. Then I think the community will come back without any issues, but if they keep serving food, that’s an issue,” said John Stump III, Hoskins’ boss.

The Department of Agriculture was back at that Sonic today conducting another inspection.

KSNT News obtained a copy of that inspection report, which shows a hand full of violations including a live cockroach that was found on a piece of kitchen equipment.

Inspectors say they’ll have to  go back to Sonic for a follow up, and KSNT News will too.

Below is a look at the inspection violations from the Kansas Department of Agriculture last month. Heather Lansdowne with the Kansas Department of Agriculture says the violations found in the 2/18 inspection:  “…are not direct health hazards.”

Inspection Violations: 2/18/2016

SONIC DRIVE IN 107 S HWY HOLTON, KS 66436 816-224-5705

KDA_6_501112 Explain Code

Inspector Comments
–There were 2 dead insects on the floor by the bread storage.

KDA_4_60111C Explain Code

Inspector Comments
–On the cooking equipment throughout the kitchen there is heavy accumulation of grease.

KDA_5_20515B Explain Code

Inspector Comments
–There is a drain line coming out of the WIC that is designed to drain into a PVC pipe. The drain overshoots the pipe and is draining directly on the floor creating standing water.

KDA_6_501111B4 Explain Code

Inspector Comments
–The back storage room is full of items and there is not space to enter the room creating harborage conditions for pests.

KDA_6_50112A Explain Code

Inspector Comments
–There is grease buildup and residue on the floors and walls throughout the establishment. There is encrusted debris on the floor wall juncture in the production areas. There is food on the walls in the kitchen and service area. There is standing water on the floor by the ice maker.

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