Talking to your children about terror attacks


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The reality of terrorism, like the attacks in Belgium, affects all of us.

Experts say children are always looking to adults for guidance.

Your kids may be asking a lot of questions about the terror attacks in Belgium.

Child Psychologist Dr. Laura Saunders offers some tips for concerned parents with worried children.

“We can’t provide promises that bad things won’t happen, but we can provide assurances that our government is trying hard to keep us safe, that we as a community in a family will work hard to keep ourselves safe,” Saunders said.

She advises parents to respond to their child’s curiosity, no matter the question.

“Sometimes kids seem like they are a very big and open ended question, but they are really looking for a simple concrete answer and so that’s really what parents need to provide is that more simple concrete answer so that it’s not as big and hypothetical so what I always tell parents is – just answer the question.”

Another piece of advice: refocus your child’s attention on what he or she does have control over and how your family can connect more with the community.

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