We’ve Got Your Back: Topeka man concerned about construction

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A man says month-long construction near his house has made getting around hazardous.

“It’s very dangerous,” James Rose said about the construction near the intersection of 10th and Warren streets. Rose said, in the past week alone, he has had near misses with other cars.

The construction to fix a broken water main has closed part of the eastbound land near Warren Street. Westbound traffic is forced into the middle lane which is designed as a turning lane for cars traveling both ways.

“When you do have to turn on Warren, taking a left (and) going north, everyone is locked up behind you,” he said. “It’s almost like you’re getting hit.”

Rose said he did call the Topeka Police Department for help but never met with an officer.

“They said they would send somebody out right away, ‘it sounds hazardous,’ and I came down here to meet them and I never seen anybody,” Rose said standing on the sidewalk looking at the congested roadway.

Topeka Police said there are not a lot of wrecks in that area.

“As far as accidents are concerned, that particular intersection is not high on the list of problematic areas,”  said Amy McCarter, media specialist for the department.

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