Missing dog found dead in stolen car

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A dog that went missing in Oregon when its owner’s car was stolen last week was found dead Tuesday, KOIN-TV confirmed.

Kona, a Great Dane-Lab mix, was found dead inside the stolen car outside Kelly Elementary. The windows were rolled up when he was found.

Kona’s owner, Bill Robbins, said he left the dog inside his parked car when it was stolen Thursday. He said he left the car on and the air conditioning running while he went into his work, Sweet Leaf Illusions, to grab some deposits.

Surveillance video shows a man walking over, getting into the car and driving off.

Police are now calling the man a suspect in the case. He could face multiple felonies including animal cruelty, among others, Sgt. Greg Stewart said.

A woman is also being called a person of interest in the case, Sgt. Stewart said.

“This dog has been with me every single minute of the day, friendliest dog ever,” Robbins said. “The guy literally killed my dog… we need to get him arrested.”

Robbins says he thinks Kona likely died from a heat stroke while stuck in the car.

He says he will offer up to $8,000 as a reward to find whoever is responsible.

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