Wisconsin man brings WWII-era bazooka to sheriff’s office for evaluation, causes bomb scare

Photo: WBAY

FOND DU LAC CITY, WI (WBAY) — A two hour-long bomb scare outside the Fond du Lac City/County Government Center ended soon after the arrival of the Brown County bomb squad.

Action 2 News first broke the news this evening that a two block radius near the Government Center had been blocked off, after a person was cleaning out their attic and found an old military rocket round. They put it in the trunk of their car and brought it to the sheriff’s office at the government center.

The sheriff’s office sent pictures of it to a military unit in Madison, which identified it as a World War II era bazooka rocket round– a shoulder-launched rocket designed to pierce the armor of tanks.

Police didn’t know how stable or explosive the old munition might be, so they contacted military units in Minnesota and Illinois. They couldn’t respond, so Brown County’s bomb squad was called.

Our crews were the first on scene, and were there when the bomb squad determined the round was designed for training and had no explosive charge. The squad left soon after.

Until the determination was made, police had closed down a one-block radius around the car at the corner of South Macy and Court streets, and closed Macy Street from West 2nd to Western Avenue out of an abundance of caution. The government center and a Hallmark store across the street had closed for the night, and police said there were no citizens in harm’s way.

Police had a message for anyone who finds old ordnance and potentially explosive materials: “Something that’s that old could be very unstable. So if anybody does come across anything like that in their house, they should leave it where it is and then notify us, and then we can get ahold of Madison, who has the explosive ordnance groups,” Lt. Ed Wenzel, Fond du Lac Police Department, said.

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