Bishop Elementary School principal will request meeting with school board

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Bishop Elementary School Principal Amanda Czechanski will meet with the school board that removed her as principal. Amanda Czechanski has been at the center of USD 501 controversy for weeks. It is still not known publicly why her employment was questioned from the start.

KSNT News reached out to the Czechanskis. They told KSNT they didn’t have any details on the board’s allegations.

We later received an email from Czechanski’s attorney that she will request a meeting with the board.

Here is his full statement:

“We believe that the Board wants to do the right thing here.  However, the decisions their top administrators have made have placed them in a bad position.  We have heard rumors that these allegations are ‘very serious,’ but the District has not informed us of what those allegations are.  There was no formal investigation conducted nor was a formal report completed.  Despite Mandy’s request to be interviewed as part of the investigation, that did not happen.

This lack of information has caused us great concern for the integrity of the process and the procedure selected by the District.  We believe the use of the non-renewal procedure has placed the Board in a bad position.  Adoption of the resolution was unfortunate, but it does not end the process.  Mandy will be requesting a meeting with the school board and we hope that they will provide the allegations to us ahead of that meeting.

We believe that if the school board members keep an open mind and wait to come to a conclusion until after they have heard from Mandy, they will agree that there is no reason to non-renew Mandy who has been, and will continue to be, one of their best administrators.”

Once Czechanski receives a formal notice she will find out the reason for her dismissal at that meeting.

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