4 students arrested in plot to bomb Kansas middle school

HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – Four students were arrested Thursday morning in a plot to bomb and shoot people at Haysville Middle School. The school is located in the 900 block of West Grand.

Jayne Ward has eleven grandchildren. One of them is an 8th grader at Haysville Middle School.

“I have never ever had a fear of my kids or grand kids going to school until now,” said Jayne Ward.

Haysville Middle School Administrators were notified this morning that on a social media, four boys were plotting to bomb and shoot people on school grounds. The staff was made aware of the threats around 9:30 a.m.

“She told me about it ,and I fell apart,” Ward said.

“I was just kind of freaked out because I had no idea,” said 7th grader Tyler Massey.

After being notified of the threat, administrators and officers initiated security measures. The Haysville Police Department responded to the threat, launched a full ongoing investigation and have taken the four students into custody.

“It’s never fun to hear that something like that has happened, but I am very proud of our district and our principal at HMS did a really great job of getting a handle on it really fast,” said Tyler Massey’s mom Liz Massey.

Haysville Middle School said they will take disciplinary action with the students involved. They could be suspended or expelled. Haysville police will determine law enforcement action.

Security at Haysville Middle School was increased. There will be a school resource officer on school grounds on Friday.

Haysville police says once the investigation is complete, the case will be presented to the Juvenile District Attorney.

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