Kansas is 1 year in for 50 year water plan

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – About a year ago KSNT News told you about a 50-year-old water plan for the state of Kansas.

The 50 year water plan for the state of Kansas made its full one year report back in the fall of 2015. Being a year in, the goal for this water plan is to still make sure that if the state sees a multi-year drought, they are prepared and have water if needed.

KSNT News spoke with the director of Kansas water who says they have started on dozens of projects and are continuing studies for more information of the best ways to keep water available. But it’s not only about having water but making sure the water we get is quality water.

“What we really would want to invest in and really what we see happening wide spread across eastern part of the state, is water shed protection, said Tracy Streeter, director of water office. And what that means is water quality. That’s keeping sediment, that’s keeping nutrients, whatever runs off in the drainage area by the lake, if we can keep as much of that material where it lies and not in the lake. Our water qualities going to be better or storage is going to be more reliable.”

Now even with all the rain that we have been seeing, it has helped with any drought issues for now. But officials say this is the time where they need to plan for the next drought, work on improving the storage they have and get rid of all the sediment that is in the reservoir, so when the next multi-year drought comes they will be ready.

Officials tell KSNT News that next week the dredging commencement ceremony at the John Redmond Reservoir, which is the corner stone of the reservoir sustainability plan.

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