We’ve Got Your Back: Lake Shawnee softball restrooms scream foul

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Pictures of filthy restrooms at Lake Shawnee’s Girls Softball Complex are making its rounds on social media.

Several of our viewers took to Facebook to let KSNT News know about the bathroom conditions at the softball facility.

The toilets were not only filled with human waste. Trash was also overflowing out of the facilities trash cans.

“Well this incident unfortunately started with some vandalism,” said Mike McLaughlin, Shawnee County Parks and Recreation Public Information Officer. “Someone stuffed some paper towels in the toilets and then covered up the drain to make the situation as bad as they could. And with a busy tournament, it ended up harming other people.”

Because the parks bathrooms were out-of-order, portable bathrooms were brought in for guest to use instead.

The long tournament weekend and the lack of a flushable toilet caused the bathrooms to stink up the facility.

“Just let us know so we can get on it as quickly as we can,” McLaughlin says.

To reach Shawnee County Park and Rec maintenance during business hours 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday call (785) 251-2600. Or on the weekends at (785) 806-1567.

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