Marijuana and counterfeiting operation busted in Sedgwick County

VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (KSNW) – The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department says they have arrested two people in connection with an alleged indoor marijuana grow operation.

Detectives arrested 31-year-old Tiera Anderson and 51-year-old Allen Stowe both of Valley Center. The arrests occurred in the 9500 block of North Oliver on Tuesday.

Through the investigation detectives discovered an alleged counterfeiting and identify theft operation. Detectives are still actively searching for additional victims but have identified 20 known victims in the case.  The United States Secret Service is assisting.

Officers say over $10,000 dollars of counterfeit money may still be in circulation in the area. Officials are asking the public to check any currency being accepted. has attached a flyer entitled “Know your money,” which describes areas to check on 20’s, 50’s and 100’s. If you detect counterfeit currency, report it to police.

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Know Your Money
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