Hayden’s Tommy Hunter wins 4th State Title

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Four up, four down. I’m not counting outs, I’m counting the amount of state titles Hayden senior Tommy Hunter has obtained in his high school career.

A state championship is an incredible feat for any high school tennis player. To win four in the equal amount of years, but according to Hunter, that’s been a goal since he was young.

“It’s definitely a dream come true,” Hunter said. “I definitely wanted to get all four when I came in as a freshman in high school. That was one of my biggest goals actually just in my childhood.”

Hunter defeated Wichita Collegiate’s Lakelin Conrad 6-0, 6-1 in the singles finals, and his opponents are used to seeing those scores as the Hayden senior has absolutely dominated his competition this year, coming into the tournament with a record of 35-0.

“When it was match point, I was like ‘stay focused Tommy,'” Hunter admitted. “I couldn’t help but to smile because I kind of knew, it was my serve, I got this in the bag.”

Which was the outcome, as Conrad hit a ball into the net, instigating Hunter to let out a roar, which was followed by the same emotion from the crowd.

Hunter will now join his older brother Blake to play at Washburn next year, while his little sister Brooklyn hopes to achieve the same feat. She has already won a state title in her freshman year, and only time will tell if the Hunter name continues to be scribed in the history books.

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