Anthony Emerson voted in for Council District 4

Courtesy : City4

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) –  Anthony Emerson is the new District four councilman. Emerson clinched the seat on the second ballot, with six votes.

Tuesday night, council members interviewed six candidate’s for the open seat. His biggest contender was Les Parrish, the first round of voting ended in a tie.

Emerson stood in front of the City Council and her spoke about this childhood in Topeka and his time at the University of Kansas, along with this time in the Air Force Academy.

Emerson presented himself as a strong speaker and came prepared. He got personal when talking about the city’s budget. Emerson also got choked up when he spoke about having to let employees go from his company because of the city over reach and taxes.

Immediately following the vote, Emerson was sworn in an took his seat with the rest of the council and meeting continued.




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