Topeka woman seeking answers after dog found dead with puncture wound

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Anje Kearney wants justice for her dog Sophie, who she believes was murdered.

Kearney went searching for Sophie after she went missing last Wednesday.

“She was amazing, she was just sweet and loyal.”

A neighbor found the dog dead Sunday night in their backyard with what appeared to be a single stab wound in the chest. The Topeka Police Department’s Animal Control unit is investigating the dog’s death.

“We know that was the cause of death, we just don’t know what caused that puncture wound or what happened from there,” says Topeka Police Department’s Amy McCarter.

But Kearney is convinced that there’s more to Sophie’s death. A local dog tracker Stephanie Avila and her bloodhound helped Kearney search the neighborhood after Sophie went missing. The bloodhound found Sophie’s tracks but the trail eventually went cold. This leads Stephanie to believe that the dog may have been taken and put back in her neighbor’s yard.

“The dog’s nose doesn’t lie. I always trust my dog,” says Avila. “The dog would have alerted in that area where that dog was found.”

The Topeka Police Department believes there is no reason to suspect a kidnapping at this time and continue to investigate.

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