Run for the Wall makes its way to Junction City

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT) — The ‘Run for the Wall’ is a symbolic motorcycle ride that started in California and ends in Washington D.C.

Over 300 motorcyclists are on this journey and Junction City was one of their pit stops. Riders made a visit to Heritage Park where hundreds of people were there to welcome them.

“Our motto is, we ride for those who can’t,” Dallas Hagerman, Fuel Crew member, said. “And so we do that on a yearly basis.’

The reason for this event is to promote healing among Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends. The event is also to remember those prisoners of war and those missing or killed in action.

Riders get on motorcycles, grab a nice-sized bag and head across the country,

“There’s no better way for a non-Vet to show that than by going on this ride, in my opinion, going on this ride and being with them every step of the way.”

A lot of these riders have has family members who have fought in the Vietnam War and want to show thanks to their loved ones.

“We has a woman who was on a vespa go all the way from L.A. to D.C. So if you think you can’t do it, stop lying to yourself. You can do it.”

Run for the Wall riders have made it halfway through their journey. They’ll be in D.C. five days from today.

For those interested in joining the riders click here.

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