Water levels could affect lake businesses & tourism

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – With chances of rain for the next ten days, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are trying to keep the water levels at Kansas lakes from going overboard by lowering their water levels.

“The lake is 8 feet above normal, it’ll probably take us ten days to get back down to the normal summer level,” says Tuttle Creek Project’s Operations Manager Brian McNulty.

60,000 gallons of water are being released at Tuttle Creek Lake per second- the most that’s been released so far this year. Tuttle Creek Lake is a main flood control facility for the Kansas River Basin, alongside Milford, Clinton and Perry Lake. All of their water collectively flows down the Kansas River.

“So the conditions downstream are still allowing us to move that water out of the lakes before any future rain comes in,” says McNulty

Elevated pools obviously affect the marinas. The higher the lake gets, the more difficult it is to launch from boat ramps. While it varies from lake to lake, other water facilities could be closed if the water levels rise.

“Depending on what happens between now and the holiday weekend will dictate how many of those facilities are out of service.” says McNulty.

Tuttle Creek State Park Manager Todd Lovin says that he’s preparing the park for visitors- rain or shine.

“On a normal memorial we’re very full. It’s an estimate a few tens of thousands of people will visit during that holiday weekend period.” he says. “Obviously weather impacts that.”

So if you plan on fishing or boating. Keep your fingers crossed and bring an umbrella.

As of today, the northeast Kansas regional parks are open for business.

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