Severe weather; tornado KTA storm shelters

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Northeast Kansas is not out of the clear yet when it comes to severe weather this week.

And most of the time, you never know where you might be when danger strikes.

Tuesday’s tornado just outside Dodge City was frightening, especially for those traveling on the road.

When a twister like this strikes, it can be hard to predict where you might be.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority has at least 25 severe weather shelters along the turnpike for those stranded on the highway.

Each shelter varies in size. Some are able to fit 25 people, where others can only hold about five.

“The size of these tornado shelters vary by location,” says Rachel Bell, Communications Director for the Kansas Turn Authority. “We ask that people leave these for travelers who are actually in danger of being caught in the middle of a storm.”

Each shelter is equipped with severe weather essentials. Cases of water, cups, flashlights, batteries, first aid kits as well as blankets.

If you are not near a shelter, the last thing you want to do is lay in a dish.

“Why would you want to wait and lay in a ditch, and wait for the tornado to come hit you when you can use your car with plenty of time to do it,” said KSNT Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller. “You won’t out run it. You’re actually getting out of the way of the tornado long before it ever hits.”

Weather experts say the last thing you want to do is take shelter under an overpass.

Most importantly, know your location, and where you’re traveling.

Click to see a complete list of Kansas Turnpike Authority tornado shelters

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