Westar’s Peregrine Falcons banded

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Endangered falcon fledglings on the roof of Westar were banded Tuesday morning.

The Peregrine Falcon pair has three chicks this year. Experts from the Kansas Department of Wildlife Park and Tourism, along with Prairie Park Nature Center and Westar put the identification bands around both of the birds’ legs.

Based on the size of the fledglings, Westar thinks one is a female, which banding will help confirm. The energy company says the banding and the 22 day old fledglings are important to the species survival.

“We put the nest back up because we wanted to help the species progress, said Brad Loveless. It was really in danger of being extinct you know a few decades ago, so their success is really tremendous.”

From a low of 39 nesting pairs in 1972, more than 1,000 pairs exist today.

Westar Engery has started a naming contest for the three chicks.

They have also set up a camera pointed at the nest on the roof so you can watch the birds online.

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