We’ve Got Your Back: Broken glass at Topeka water park

TOPEKA, Kan, (KSNT) – A concerned mom contacted KSNT News through our “Report It” feature. She told us there was broken glass laying on the ground at the Jackson Spray Park in Topeka.

KSNT News looked into this and within minutes after arriving at the water park a little girl got a cut on her foot from glass. Not big enough to leave a scar, but enough to ruin anyone’s day.

For moms Latoya Berry and Latonya sweets, this wasn’t their first encounter with glass at the park. They were both at the park yesterday when Berry’s niece stepped on a shard.

“Her foot got cut by some glass. There was a lot of broken beer bottles and glasses out here,” she says. “We tried to clean it up a little bit but it didn’t do much help.”

And this wasn’t these kids’ first encounter either.

“Three days ago we were here, we saw some glass so we picked up as much as we could and the last time, my cousin says he saw someone taking a beer bottle and throwing it.”

KSNT News contacted the Shawnee County Parks & Rec. and told us that the park had already been clean and declined to talk to us about the situation on camera. But they said people should call the department for any issue

Be sure to wear shoes if you or your family plans on going to the park. Also be aware of what’s on the ground. The number to call the parks and recreation department is 785-251-2600.


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