KSNT Sports Feature: A Sit-Down with the Hunters

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Hunter Family in Topeka is known for one thing. Tennis.

The oldest, Paige Hunter, picked up a racket for a short period, but instead chose to serve people instead of serving aces and underwent the nursing route.

Blake Hunter started the trend and is now one of the top players for Washburn Tennis.

Tommy Hunter achieved a nearly impossible feat, and win four state titles in all four years of his High School career.

The youngest Brooklyn Hunter just finished her freshman year, and yes, she won a state title as well.

While the parents had no Tennis background in high school, yet got their kids to where they are at now.

Six State Titles accounted for in the group.

However, this household is more than just the sport, and I got to find out more about them when I sat down with the entire family.

We discussed topics ranging from how the family got started with Tennis. Why they all decided to stay close to home after graduating high school, and what is next for this group.

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