Seattle dancer barred from flight for ‘inappropriate clothing’

SEATTLE, Wash. (KING) — A Seattle burlesque dancer was asked to change her clothes before boarding a flight from Boston back to Seattle. She says a JetBlue crew told her the outfit she was wearing was inappropriate.

Maggie McMuffin was returning home from a performance on the east coast when the incident happened earlier this month. She was wearing a tiger sweater with striped black and white shorts and thigh-highs.

She flew from New York to Boston on a JetBlue flight in that outfit with no problems. Yet on the second leg of her trip, from Boston to Seattle, she learned the flight crew in Boston had an issue with what she was wearing.

“A few minutes before boarding was set to start, the gate lead approached me and said there was a problem and that what I was wearing was not appropriate,” said Maggie. “And they were hoping I could put something else on. And I informed them that I didn’t have anything else. I had two small carry-on’s with me, and they suggested I go buy something.”

KING — Burlesque dancer barred from flight due to ‘inappropriate clothing’

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