Grandma graduates high school to achieve her goal

(KSNT/Jared Thompson)

SPRING HILL, Kan. (KSNT) — One grandmother finally can say she’s completed one of her goals. Her goal was to get her high school diploma.

Fifty-three year old Judy Renton attended the online school Insight School of Kansas. After four years of hard work, she’s finally got her high school diploma.

“My grandson… he was my biggest inspiration,” said Judy Renton, ISKS graduate. “He was starting school and he said, well grandma you never finished school why do I have to go? And that was a promise we both made.”

The journey to get her diploma wasn’t easy. Judy was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer a couple of years ago and still never gave up.

“And I thought ‘nope.’ It might take me out of INTE, but I can go back for my diploma again and this time I can take it all the way.”

INTE or Internet, Networking, Technology & Engineering is a type of trade school Judy was enrolled in that doesn’t require a high school diploma.

Now that Judy finally got her high school diploma, she’s off to Manhattan Area Technical College to further her education. She says she knows a few people who have been in the same situation where they didn’t complete high school. She pushes them to go back and tries to be a great example of how it all can be done.

“Just don’t give up. It’s not worth it. There’s nothing there if you do give up. ‘Cause you’re gonna be thinking, ‘Why didn’t I go back? Why didn’t I go back?'”

In August, Judy will be in school to become a computer engineer. Judy says she feels confident in being able to understand what her grandchildren are learning now.


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