Fans remember ‘The Greatest of All Time’; Muhammad Ali

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Known too many across the world as “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali made an impact on American’s across the world.

Now his death has left fans heartbroken. Fans in Northeast Kansas who say “The Champ” has left an imprint on their lives.

“You don’t forget Muhammad Ali,” said Mark Brown.

Ali, known as “The Champ”, a social transformer and an American icon.

And Ali fans like Mark Brown agree. A young Brown remembers meeting his hero back in 1997 while living in Dallas.

“In my mind I’m thinking to myself, “I’m sitting in the same room with ‘The Champ’, the greatest of all time. I just couldn’t pass that up,” Brown said.

In Brown’s hand, a picture with him and Ali. Brown recalls a poem he wrote for Ali.

“I float like a butterfly and I sting like a bee.

For the hands cannot hit, what the eyes cannot see.

The Thrilla in Manila was in deed a thriller.

For Muhammad Ali came away a winner.”

From his one-two punch to his social stance, Ali’s influence stretches from generations to generations.

“His story inspired me to do boxing,” said Lina Saulters, a local Topeka boxer.

Saulters says Ali is the reason why she is the champion she is today. The 17-year-old champion will be making her way to Dallas for the first time to compete at the Junior Olympics.

Brown and Saulters have two different stories, but both their lives have been impacted by “The People’s Champ”.

“The way he influenced me, I could never find anyone else like that,” Saulters says.

Ali… simply the greatest.



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