‘I have been living in fear a lot’; Topeka woman wants justice after Dornwood Park attack

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Shawnee County Districts Attorney’s Office will decide if criminal charges will be filed in a Dornwood Park softball assault.

KSNT News spoke with Lindsay Gann to find out what life has been like for her since the attack.

“Emotionally this has really taken a toll on me,” said Gann. “I have been living in fear a lot just because I don’t know some of the other suspects’ names.”

It’s been nearly two weeks since Lindsay Gann was attacked at Dornwood Park on the city’s eastside.

It started after Gann’s broke up a fight after she saw a group of children bullying another group of younger children.

One of the parents then confronted Gann’s. Before the confrontation got any further a TBSA league official told the parent to stop.

24-hours later, a second fight broke out between Gann’s and the same group from the night before.

“The minor just all of a sudden just hit me in my face. Honestly there was so many people on me, and they had my hair, slamming me into my truck and my head into my truck. Fists were flying everywhere,” Gann said.

Courtesy: Lindsay Gann
Courtesy: Lindsay Gann
Courtesy: Lindsay Gann

Now Gann is struggling to get answers from Topeka Police and the Topeka Baseball and Softball Association on why she feels the incident was mishandled.

No official statements from witnesses were documented, although friends and family members of Gann’s say they are willing to come speak-out. Gann’s also wants to know why it took detectives five days to contact her and get her side of the story.

KSNT News did reach out to TBSA, but they would not give any comment on Gann’s case.

A local media outlet reported that Gann’s, her husband Jeremy, who is a baseball coach with TBSA, along with an unnamed parent was banned from the league. Gann’s says that statement is not true and that her husband was never banned from the baseball and softball league.

“I would like them to be held accountable too. And how they’ve dropped the ball on us so many times.”

Gann’s say she has no intentions on returning back to coaching for TBSA. She is in the process of getting a restraining order filed on the individuals that attacked her.



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