Shawnee Co. DA says Dornwood Park assault are misdemeanor offenses

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Shawnee County Districts Attorney’s Office has decided what type of charges will be filed in the Dornwood Park softball assault.

The D.A’s office says misdemeanor offenses will be filed for two adults and one juvenile. The adult cases will be handled by the city’s attorney’s office. While the D.A’s office will proceed with the juvenile case.

The D.A’s offices tells KSNT News all juvenile cases must be screened for an intervention program with The Topeka Center for Peace and Justice. Depending on the juvenile’s program participation the D.A’s office will decide whether to take the case to juvenile court.

We have had an opportunity to review the case file and reports on the incident 6-10-16 at Dornwood Park, which has been submitted by the Topeka Police Department. The reports allege the commission of misdemeanor offenses by two adults and one juvenile. The DA’s Office will proceed in our normal course in relation to the allegations against the juvenile suspect. The allegations made against the two adult suspects appear to be misdemeanors offenses occurring within the city limits of Topeka. The adult matters will properly be referred to the City Attorney’s Office for charging considerations. As always, they people innocent until proven guilty.

— Matt Patterson, Chief of Staff Shawnee County District Attorney Office

Lindsay Gann says she is the victim of the attack, and believes Topeka Police mishandled the incident, and says it took detectives five days to contact her.

She says no official statements from witnesses were documented, although friends and family members of Gann’s say they are willing to speak-out.

“They agreed that the case was handled improperly, and that it will be turned over for further investigation,” said Gann. “And that they could not make comment as far as personnel issue go.”

KSNT News reached out to Topeka Police, Chief Deputy Brian Desch says that officers on the scene did nothing wrong. Adding that there was not enough probable cause to make an arrest.

Desch says officers did gather statements from witnesses that were at the park that night, along with cell phone video of the fight a few days later.

Desch says the only thing officers should have done was taken pictures of Gann’s injuries at the scene.


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