Reactions to the Kansas school funding fix

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Various politicians and officials released their statements after the legislature approved a school funding fix on Friday night. You can read them below.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt:

The Legislature has steered school funding into the ‘safe harbor’ identified by the Supreme Court as constitutionally equitable. After the governor signs it into law, we will present this new legislation to the court next week, and I am optimistic it will end the current phase of the litigation and keep schools open and operating without interruption.

House Speaker Ray Merrick:

This was quick, and it was collaborative. Republicans worked with school districts to find solutions to prevent the Supreme Court from shutting down Kansas schools, and the bill ensures there will be no disruption to public education. I’m proud of my fellow legislators for the work they did but it’s still disappointing that the Supreme Court brought about this situation by holding Kansas children hostage.

Kansas Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce:

The Senate came ready to work with a plan that incorporated the concerns of school districts and Legislators. This afternoon a better solution was reached, and it passed both chambers with overwhelming support. This solution guarantees the Kansas Supreme Court will not shut down schools on June 30th, as the plaintiffs have all agreed to this remedy. Our next focus will be passing a permanent school funding formula which focuses on competition and innovation, and ensures that every Kansas child continues to receive a world class education that prepares them for college, career and life.

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