We’ve Got Your Back: Kansas woman gets parts of garden and lawn destroyed by AT&T

LECOMPTON, Kan (KSNT) — A Lecompton woman has been having problems with getting her internet and phone services working with AT&T. She reached out to KSNT News through Facebook to see if we could help.

“I tried to get ahold of them and I’m getting no where,” Linda Mangelsdorf-Oshel said.

Linda Mangelsdorf-Oshel contacted AT&T to install internet and phone services on June 8th and today she still doesn’t have either. She says the workers who came to install her services destroyed parts of her garden and yard.

“The people that didn’t have paperwork, ID, didn’t really acknowledge themselves or ask if they could go through there.”

Linda tells KSNT News that the problem started when AT&T dug a trail that started from the cable box and goes all the way to her home.

The 369 foot trail isn’t what upset Linda the most. The fact that AT&T destroyed parts of her yard and now 19 days later nothing has been done.

“Yeah, I feel very violated especially when AT&T won’t talk to me and won’t fix the problem.”

Linda says her garden is extremely meaningful to her and that it symbolizes her battle with cancer 22 years ago.

“So I work therapeutically in my flowers and they are very important.”

We then checked with at&t to see what they’re doing about the situation. They released this statement saying quote:

“We have reached out to the customer, apologized for the experience and are working to resolve her issue,” AT&T said.

KSNT News found that a service is supposed to come out and check the area before AT&T begins digging any underground line.

Linda told us that service did not come out to her property.

KSNT News will continue to follow this story.



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