Crews set up for Wamego Fireworks Show

Wamego Fireworks. Courtesy: Jeff Tuttle Photography

WAMEGO, Kan. (KSNT) — Crew members began setting up for tomorrow’s firework show in Wamego. Workers say attendance for the show is expected to reach in the thousands.

About a dozen volunteer members have been out here this afternoon setting up for one of Kansas’ biggest fireworks shows.

“It’s a great community effort,” Neil Ebert, Pyro Crew member said. “At large, our community come out and grows — volunteering at every turn. This is a piece that I’m a part of and it’s a lot of fun.”

Ebert says he’s happy to be a part of what Wamego does every year since it has more to offer than just fireworks.

“Catch the stuff that’s going on on Main Street. There’s a car show, there’s an ice cream social. Then the parade’s at six.”

Wamego’s Fourth of July festivities have been attracting about 60,000 people the last couple of years and the pyrotechnic crew says they’re well prepared for any safety concerns.

“We set up with extra distance regulatory,” Lanny Bosse, Pyro Crew member said. “It’s laid out how far your setbacks have to be and we actually increase those setbacks to assure crowd safety.”

Crews began setting up on June 30th and say they’ve been working non-stop to make sure everything is prepared for tomorrow.

“Tomorrow morning the site lights up at 5:30, bright and early, and we get to work,” Chris Hupe, Pyro Crew member said.

One thing the workers want people at home to know is to arrive at least two hours early if you’re coming for the fireworks show at 10.

Click here for a full rundown of tomorrow’s events.




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