Animals fearing Independence Day fireworks

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — With all of the fireworks going off for Independence Day, you may want to keep your pets away from them. Local veterinarians say animals, especially dogs do not like the sound of fireworks and causes them fear.

“They start barking like they are at attention and they are ready to defend the homestead against any threat that would be coming,” dog owner Seth Maixner said.

NC_beeskilldogs0617_mezznSeth Maixner’s dog’s reaction to the fireworks means there will be two less animals in attendance Monday night.

“During the big firework shows I’ll leave them at home,” Seth Maixner said.

Another dog owner had a different strategy.

“We’re going outside,” another dog owner, Clara Pinkston said.

“We, they heard noises and they started going crazy on them and so I don’t know how it’s going to turn out yet,” Clara Pinkston said.

A veterinarian from K-State says there are some simple ways to keep your pet safe if they are afraid of the fireworks.

“Things you can do to try and help your dog out is keep windows closed, keep curtains drawn so they are not seeing the flashes,” KSU Clinical Associate Professor at Veterinary Health Center Susan Nelson said. “Maybe keep them in a basement with the radio or TV turned on very loud to try and minimize the noise that they are hearing.”

“There are medications available to help treat these extreme noise phobias. Most of these are anti-anxiety medications,” KSU Clinical Associate Professor at Veterinary Health Center Susan Nelson said.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little tender loving care for your animal to calm it down.

“When it happens I just have them come to me and they calm down just fine,” Maixner said.

Animal Control told KSNT News if someone is looking for their lost dog, they can check their local animal shelter. Below is a list of some local animal shelters:

Helping Hands Humane Society, an animal shelter in Topeka is open from 11:30AM until 6:00PM tomorrow. You can reach them at 785-233-7325.

T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter in Manhattan is open from 1:00PM to 5:30PM tomorrow. You can contact them at 785-587-2783.

Geary County Animal Shelter in Junction City is open from 1:00PM until 5:30PM tomorrow. Their phone number is 785-238-1359.

The Emporia Kansas Animal Shelter is open from 11:00AM until 3:00PM tomorrow. They can be reached at 620-340-6345.

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