Wamego celebrates the Fourth of July

WAMEGO, Kan. (KSNT) —  Monday was Wamego’s 145th annual Fourth of July celebration with tons of activities for people to enjoy…including the many carnival rides. Today’s events started at 9 this morning with a car show. Gerry King drove to Wamego from Topeka to show off her car — this year marking her second year. CmisAqyUIAA08at

“It’s wonderful,” King said. “It’s always a good venue. We have sunny centers and we have shade around and we have a beautiful town.”

King says she likes when people compliment the work she and her husband put into maintaining the car’s appearance.

“Having fun. Just having people around you. It’s a wonderful thing to see.”

Other events in Wamego’s city park were the ice cream and cake social, a tour in the museum, the hot wheels car race and the carnival. That’s just to name a few.

“To be able to welcome everybody into our community like this and really showcase everything we’ve got going on,” Daryn Soldan, executive director of Wamego Chamber of Commerce said. “A very unique and a great place to call home.”

While the daytime event were going on, volunteers — or as they call themselves — the “Pyro Crew,” were setting up for tonight’s fireworks show at 10. CmirzbaVMAAKx6a

“We’ll be doing radio checks this afternoon, shortly after lunch,” Chris Hupe, Pyro Crew member said. “And then do a final check on the site and make sure everything’s ready to go and continue to test up until shoot time tonight.”

Pyro Crew members want people to know if you’re planning on watching the fireworks, make sure to arrive at least two hours early.


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