Taser responds to body cam concerns after Alton Sterling case

AUSTIN (KXAN) – In light of reports at least one body camera became dislodged from one of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man in Baton Rouge, La. this week, the company selling Austin police its new body cameras insists that hasn’t been a significant issue for its products.

“While any body camera has the potential to come off in a really rough scuffle, we’ve had more than 3,500 law enforcement agencies deploy our cameras since 2009. This hasn’t been a significant issue for our cameras,” TASER spokesperson Steve Tuttle wrote in an email.

TASER camera magnet mount
TASER camera magnet mount (TASER Photo)

“This is why so many police departments test several brands of body cameras before they purchase them. Part of the test and evaluation is to see how the cameras stand up to the rigors of policing.”

Tuttle made a point to note “the tragic incident [in Louisiana] did NOT involve any of our Axon brand body cameras.”

A former patrol supervisor from Ft. Worth police also responded to KXAN’s question about experiences with the TASER Axon body cameras it uses becoming dislodged.

“I never ran across TASER Axon cameras falling off during foot chases or during confrontations with suspects,” wrote Sgt. Marcus Povero with Ft. Worth PD. “The cameras are mounted either on a shoulder harness that connects to the officers uniform with a magnet, or a pair of glasses that have a magnetic attachment to mount the camera.”

Austin police are testing the new TASER Axon body cameras on downtown patrol officers right now. Full first-year deployment of 500 Axon body cameras is expected by the end of September.

TASER’s website shows various accessory mounts using clips or magnets. One aftermarket entrepreneur is even advertising Axon body camera pouches from his site that appears to be based in Australia.

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