Storm crews clean up after storm this morning


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Trees, power lines and telephone poles were destroyed after this morning’s storm. Twenty-ninth street and Burnett street in Southwest Topeka were blocked from all traffic and left one resident in the dark.

“It started about 4:30 this morning that’s when that storm came through and took this tree limb clear out,” homeowner Patrick Stauffner said. “It took the top clear out off the tree.”

Stauffner says with temperatures reaching the mid 90s, it’s crucial his power gets turned on as soon as possible.

“I’m on kidney dialysis. I need the power on. The man next door is on oxygen. He needs the power on.”

Not only have crews been cleaning up debris from this morning’s storm, they’ve also made it priority to get people’s power turned back on.

Hours after the storm ended, power was still out for hundreds of people. Around one this afternoon, I asked Westar Energy how long it would be before residents would have power again.

“We have about 1800 customers still without power,” Jana Dawson, Westar Energy director said. “We anticipate we will have everybody turned on at about 10 o’clock tonight.”

Dawson says getting power on is taking longer since crews are cleaning up debris as well as trying to restore power.

“Our first priority is public safety being sure we have the safety considerations taken care of and we will restore power as quickly as we can.”

Dawson says if you’re concerned with the items in your fridge, keep the refrigerator door shut as much as possible to preserve the cool air inside.

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